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Meet Melchoco – now Kronos!  

“Melcocho” was found by a Good Samaritan, who realized that the poor pup needed help, so he took him to the vet. In an attempt to figure out why there was so much facial swelling, the doctor decided to do X-rays. The hope was that Melcocho only had a broken bone in his face (that’s a horrible thing to hope for, but it beats a tumor any day), however, what was found is a large tumor. 

It took a minute or two for me to grasp what I was hearing, (another case with a facial tumor) but only a second to offer Melcocho a spot at the Ranch. What I didn’t realize when I made the offer, was that Melcocho was located about 20 hours from us, in Manzanillo, Mexico. 

This was undoubtedly the most complicated, nerve-wracking transport we’ve had.  Not only were the logistics complicated (30 minute ride to the bus station, 5 hour bus ride to an airport in Guadalajara and then a 2.5 hour flight to Tijuana where he would be met and driven about an hour to our vet there), but he was removed from the plane right before takeoff!  Apparently there was a complaint from a passenger.  But another ticket was purchased and he flew in-cabin and made it safely.  The following day I was told that the Sheriff in Manzanillo drove up to where Kronos had been staying and was there to “shoot the dog and put him out of his misery”.  The sheriff could not believe that he was traveling for treatment and would eventually end up in the US.  I shudder to think what would have happened if we were just a day late…

He tested positive for TVT, (Canine transmissible venereal tumors) a form of cancer that causes tumors all over the body.  Kronos did amazing with his chemo treatments in Mexico.  So much so that he doesn’t even look like the same dog. He beat the TVT and I had hoped to bring him here but we ended up Distemper in the house.  Once that was cleared we were able to finally welcome Kronos to the Ranch!

Kronos looks and acts fantastic. Because the cancer ate away a bone in his nasal cavity, he will always have a small lump on his snout. He sometimes makes a sound similar to a congested nose, but the vets say that this is also a result of the missing bone. 

But his fight wasn’t over.  We found a small mass on Kronos’ leg.  At just two years of age, Kronos has already battled and won TVT. Now, he’s been diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma. With this particular diagnoses, dogs can live an average of 3-6 months, some up to a year. This bitch of a cancer causes internal tumors, most commonly on the spleen, and the leading cause of death is organ rupture and hemoabdomen (bleeding to death internally). 

I honestly don’t know what to say. Very rarely do I find myself speechless, but this is one of those times that my emotions have me so tied up that my mind cannot form the proper words. All I can come up with, is “Why” and a whole lot of curse words.

Kronos is such a good boy. He’s been a trooper while we take him to appointment after appointment, desperately trying to find help him for him. Watching Kronos play, you would never expect that he is so sick. He continues to enjoy life and shows no signs of pain or discomfort, so the search for help continues. So far, Kronos has seen a holistic vet, an oncologist, and has an appointment to see a surgeon on 1/11/21.

So long as Kronos shows us that he’s not in pain, continues to eat, and continues to run like he’s trying to out run the wind, he will have a place here at the Ranch. When his time comes, we will let him go peacefully, and then he will always have a place in our hearts.

My husband reminded me recently that SHF has taken on a lot of known cancer cases this year and I suppose he’s right. Somehow when I take these cases on, I expect that I will be able to heal them of all of their ailments. This year has taught me, if anything, that there are battles that I just can’t win. So do I stop and let these precious souls perish on the street, suffering in pain and agony? No.F’in.Way. I’ll battle with them and hold them closely as they draw their last breath, even if the loss of each case slowly kills me.

Today, Kronos has been bestowed the title of “Official Ranch Dog”. He will live out his life here with us, surrounded by the love that he missed out on during his first two years of life. We’ve got a lifetime of love to show Kronos in a short amount time, so I need to stop feeling sorry for him (and me) and get busy. 



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