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Meet “Lady”. She was found living in squalid conditions on the side of a building with nothing to call her own except a piece of cardboard that she used to curl her bloody and emaciated body up on.
Lady was not only starving to death (she could barely hold herself up), she was covered in Sarcoptic Mange (if you’ve never had it, trust me when I say you don’t want it. Imagine hundreds upon hundreds of tiny mites burrowing into your skin. It itches like hell and then stings like hell when you scratch. You will rub yourself raw and bloody attempting to appease the itch, and you won’t win). Lady had open wounds on her hind end and front legs; pressure sores from sitting while being nothing more than a skeleton. Maggots that crawled on her wounds had been the only source of company that she had known. Lady had a collar on so at some point she belonged to someone which made her ability to trust me that much more difficult for the both of us.

I saw Lady and instantly knew she needed to come to Huey’s Second Chance Ranch. We had Lady picked up from the side of that building that she had been calling home, and taken to the vet for immediate treatment. She was given antibiotic injections, pain medications and a treatment to start healing her skin. We were advised that Lady was not strong enough to travel, so she stayed with her finder (and angel) Griss D., for a couple of days.

Once we got Lady home, I monitored her overnight and decided she needed to go back to the vet.  Her breathing was shallow and she lacked any sort of motivation to move. She was admitted for a few days but had the will to fight and we brought her home to heal. 
After 3 months of healing, that bittersweet day came.  Lady was officially placed in her forever home.
Each time one of these cases leaves me it takes a piece of my heart. I struggled with Lady’s absence, but I knew she deserved the chance to be someone else’s very special baby. 
The most amazing part of Lady’s adoption is that she was adopted by the amazing family that had previously adopted Clyde and Daisy from SHF. I have come to love Michael, Paula and Blaire (their fur baby who probably cringes every time she sees me pull up) with all of my heart and consider them family.


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