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I cannot begin to wrap my head around the abuse I have seen in the past few months. I’ve done this for years and years and while I’ve seen some awful things, nothing could possibly come close to what I’ve seen lately. 

This beautiful girl was set on fire.  Why? Her “owner” likes to play with fire. We got access to this girl, thanks to our amazing friend Griss. While I sat outside the hospital waiting to see if they could handle Laveau’s case or if I needed to transport her to Kringle’s hospital in Ontario, Laveau received methadone for pain. Her wounds turned mostly black, which wasn’t a good sign.  She reeked of burned flesh and was bleeding from her underside.  

I didn’t really know what to say after all of the amazing support we received for Kringle, other than “help” please. I could not live with myself knowing that I ignored the suffering of these precious, innocent souls, and that left me once again begging for help.

Laveau was admitted and our princess made it through the night, however her red blood cell count was low, and her infection was huge. Laveau’s burns were worse than I realized. While I knew she was bleeding from her underbelly yesterday, I didn’t realize the extent of the burns that were hiding under there. 

While every burn is of serious concern, the big concern was the one on her hip that ran down her leg. The muscle was exposed and the specialists do not know the extent of the potential muscle damage. A huge concern was the possibility of Laveua’s injuries going septic. Without being too graphic, it was quite apparent that Laveau was suffering from infection. The burn on her hip was welled with pus, and the smell of infection was almost as strong as the smell of burned flesh. 

And so it was with a broken heart that I announced the passing of Laveau. 

It was discovered that Laveua’s burned body was turning gray. While I offer every possible chance to these babies, I will never ignore what a case is trying to tell me. Laveua’s body was slowly dying and I wasn’t about to make her endure anymore pain. 

Laveau was burned over 45% of her body, with the most serious injuries being on her hip and underside. Her anus was so severely burned that she needed a catheter to pee. Her legs were so severely burned that the hospital staff could not find a vein to use for her iv. Eventually the iv catheter was placed in Laveua’s jugular, as this was one of the only places where she wasn’t severely burned. 

During her last few days, Laveau endured hours of debriding procedures, the flushing of her injuries and having to have her entire body wrapped in bandages. Why? Because her owner “liked to play with fire”.

Laveau, my angel, momma tried. Your life mattered.



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