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Lavina had been stuck by a car and had laid injured in the hot sun all day. I couldn’t believe when I got a message 10 hours later telling me that Lavina had still not received help. Of course I wasn’t about to leave her there overnight, so I had her picked up and taken the vet. 

X-rays revealed that Lavina has a broken pelvis and femur. Both breaks were complex, and she needed a specialist to put her back together.

The doctors did not find a break in her femur, which was fantastic news. Things were a bit messy in her leg and pelvic area, but overall, she did very well and came to the Ranch the next day! 

Lavina later had FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) which alleviated the “looseness” that she suffered from when she walked. The FHO helped recreate a smooth resting place in her hip socket for the top of her femur bone. We’ve been through this surgery at least a dozen times and have remarkable success. 

Lavina is a total sweetheart! She’s in love with everyone she meets and her happiness just radiates. She deserves this chance to love pain free.



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