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Lily and her Babies

This sweet momma was living in a makeshift cave. She was first noticed crawling into her shelter, and was noticeably pregnant. We were alerted of her situation and offered help. By the time we were able to get someone out to her (the next day), this momma had given birth to five beautiful babies. 

We had her and the babies taken off the street and they were treated and rested comfortably at the hospital.  

Lily is a very good momma and also adjusting well to human contact, something she likely never knew.  

She is very happy and proud of her little family!  As the puppies are still underage, they cannot legally travel, so Lily and her family are currently boarding at our vet in Tijuana.  

We are not sure if Princess Lily and her babies will make their way to the Ranch, as our waiting list is at an all time high, but we will ensure to find the absolute best rescue for them to help them find their forever homes!  



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