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Lola and Lana

Several years ago, I had Lola Bean pulled out of the shelter that she had been dumped in. The transporter called me and told me that Lola’s kennel mate was a 4 pound, nearly blind and completely deaf, 17 year old senior, that was suffering from a severely bent spine and Patella Luxation in both rear legs. She asked if by chance we could take her in as well. There was no way in hell I was going to leave her there, so she came to us with Lola.

Lana spent the first week she was with us, biting and growling. We let her have her space and eventually she came around. She became our little shadow and followed us everywhere. She had so much spunk and showed it every time she thought someone was getting to close to us.

I witnessed Lana decline. She had lost her teeth, couldn’t hear and it was obvious that her vision had all but completely failed her. She slept the majority of the day and a few days ago stopped eating. We hoped that Lana would find renewed strength, but it wasn’t meant to be. I held Lana as the vet put her to sleep.

Although I’m not here to judge, I’ll never understand how someone can dump their once beloved pet in the shelter, let alone a senior pet with so many special needs that it’s chances of getting adopted are zero to none. Regardless of Lana’s past, I pray that she had a wonderful ending.

Lola, however is still with us!  Every day and night that I have with Lola Bean is treasured.

Lola Bean has been with me for three years, and that’s three years longer than I thought I would have her. Lola Bean is paralyzed, has no teeth and is extremely advanced in age. She stole my heart then and still owns my heart now.


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