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Can you even imagine living your life in this condition? My heart was broken for this sweetheart. “Lula” was transported to our vet for an exam.  Our concern was whether it was TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumors) which can be cured, or if we were dealing with some thing worse. We were prepared that regardless of what tests show, if Lula could not be cured, we would not allow her to suffer further. 

While waiting for her cytology results Lula discovered and enjoyed a regular meal schedule!  She is incredibly thin, but is doing well. She is being kept comfortable on antibiotics as well as pain medication.  Thankfully her blood results didn’t come back near as badly as I expected.  

Lula is currently having her chemotherapy and I can finally see a difference. We are hoping that once she finishes her chemo sessions that the tumor will be severely diminished, if not we will need to do more testing on our sweet girl. 

Fingers crossed!



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