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Luna was found on the street in deplorable condition. She had mange and was very skinny. When I was contacted about her, I couldn’t say no, knowing that she would continue to suffer without help. 

Luna was taken to the vet where she received all of the required tests to get into the Ranch. She passed with flying colors. Luna did escape the vet twice, so I expected a problem child! Luna quarantined with Sage and Giles, just to make sure everyone stays healthy. 

It didn’t take long and we had another beauty on her journey to a second chance….

Luna left Huey’s Second Chance Ranch and headed to Vanderpump Dogs, where we know she will find her loving forever home!  

Luna was an absolute joy to work with. She is so gentle and loving. I know that she will be an excellent addition to any family. 



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Huey's Story

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