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Introducing Luna!

She is a Maltese/Shitzu mix and came to us at 8 weeks old.  Absolutely adorable and super special as she was born with 6 legs!  2 in the rear and 4 front legs, each of which was deformed.  She was able to walk/hop by using her front “knuckle joints”.

She was seen by two vets and both wanted to hold off on amputation as they thought she might be able to live with her legs in that condition, and to wait until she grew a bit.

She settled right in with the pack, loving dogs of all sizes and not interested in cats. She loved to cuddle and play and kept up with the rest of the pack just fine.

Luna was adopted by a wonderful women that has a sweet spot for special needs babies. Luna has a brother, Echo, with two legs. He and Luna are partners in crime! 

But as she grew Little Luna required amputation and it was a success! She had her four front legs removed as all four legs were severely deformed, and were causing her discomfort. She was fitted for a wheelchair and could finally get around and function like a normal dog!

Happy Trails Luna!  



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