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Maizie was found on the streets of Mexico,  curled in a tight little ball, struggling to stay alive. She was hospitalized by another Foundation (the same that Harry was in and this is where I first saw/fell in love with her). Maizie was skin and bones and completely void of hair, thanks to the mange that overtook her frail and fragile body She had suffered from severe tick disease and the other Foundation almost lost her.

I wanted to be able to ignore Maizie’s case (I’m lying) as I was, and am, always full. Fate stepped in however and made sure that I kept seeing Maizie’s pictures, leading me to eventually offering her a place at Huey’s Second Chance Ranch.

Along with Grace and her baby Tucker, Maizie joined the pack several weeks ago. They were all transported together from the other Foundation and when we picked them up, it was clear that Grace was slck. She was taken to CVS where her diagnosis was pneumonia and Maizie developed a cough a few days later. Since they were all transported together, her being sick was somewhat expected. She was started on medications and they were all sharing an isolation room. I was hopeful that we’d caught any illness in time.

But it was only the beginning. The deadly disease Distemper was working its way through Grace, and as it is so contagious, Maizie and Grace’s baby Tucker also contracted it, as did others at the Ranch.  It was a monster, causing neurological symptoms to invade Maizie’s tiny body and sadly, she could not fight it any longer.

RIP Maizie, we will always hold you in our hearts.


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