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I received a plea for help for a puppy, approximately 11 months old who was completely anemic and malnourished. She had some type of burns on her back legs and was too weak to stand. She was diagnosed with Pyrometra and received a a blood transfusion while in Mexico.

As Pyrometra (an infection of the uterus) can be life threatening, we would normally have had surgery done immediately, however due to Mary’s delicate condition, she was not a candidate at that time. Once she was stabilized, my friend Griss picked up “Mary” and under her loving care, she gained some much needed weight.

I knew we needed to get Mary to the Ranch and get her to surgery for Pyrometra to prevent toxins from further attacking her body, so once she had gained some weight, she travelled to us.

Mary was seen by our emergency vet. The ultrasound showed no fluid in Mary’s uterus, which meant that they didn’t see a pyrometra. Mary had a fever and has a rear right leg infection, but that was all that saw at the time.

Mary continued to do well. She is the most loving little girl. She seriously can’t get enough attention. When we stop petting her, she offers us her paw. She took her medications like a good girl and ate like a champ.

As time went on we still saw no signs of a pyrometra, which was initially a shock, yet a total blessing. The swelling in her back right paw was quite severe, but the antibiotics nipped that in the bud. She was missing a claw on her injured foot, had a gash on her forehead and her left nostril was torn which made her breathing sound a bit congested. We have no idea what happened to this little angel, and it’s probably better that we don’t.

Mary did wonderfully here at the Ranch. When she first arrived this little girl was too weak to stand but that all changed to her playing non stop. She was spayed and found her way to Vanderpump Dogs for adoption! Happy life to you Mary!


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