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There are days that I have no words left. This poor baby had an owner. The owner did not seek medical attention for Meadow and we have no idea how old the injury is. Not only is part of Meadow’s head literally missing, but she is absolutely covered in ticks. Who in their right mind could think that this is ok? 

Meadow’s owner was convinced to relinquish her and she was immediately taken to the vet.  The vet could only guess that she was attacked by another dog.  As this happened in Mexico, there will be no consequences to the “owner” for the abuse Meadow and her sister Candy suffered.  The laws there do not protect animals and there is a general sense that animals aren’t important.  For instance when help went for Meadow and Candy the owner was angry that rescuers had awakened her from a nap.  There was no food, water or shade for the dogs.  

Meadow had her injuries cleaned, drains were placed and ticks slowly but surely removed.  She stabilized and crossed the border where she was taken immediately to our emergency vet!  She is absolutely skin and bones.  Her sister Candy was taken to my friend’s rescue so she is safe as well.  

As we received many of Meadows test results, it began to appear as if our girl’s previous “owner” left out some info on what happened to her. Meadow’s head and face had numerous fractures. These injuries are not consistent with a dog attack as was first thought. Meadow appeared to been abused and the results of the trauma were clear. 

On a positive note, blood tests were coming back better  (she was being tested everyday) and her wound continued to look better. Meadow was eating and responding well to her medications. 

Meadow was transferred to the same hospital that treated Kringle, in Ontario, CA.  I was very happy to be working with the same surgical team that saved Kringle!  

She received a skin transplant and did very well during the surgery!  Meadow came home to the Ranch for recovery and she sat perfectly still for us while we emptied her drains multiple times throughout the day.  She ate numerous small meals due to her emaciated state. 

Unfortunately, part of Meadow’s graft did not take and needed to be removed.  As we waited for a 2nd transplant surgery we had great news!  On the last visit the surgeon felt Meadow’s progress was great and wanted to hold off on the 2nd skin graft in hopes that her wound would close itself.  She has an appointment with the eye specialist coming up.  

We did find out that Meadow tested positive for MRSP, a condition similar to MRSA. Unfortunately this bacteria is very resistant to antibiotics, so we will continue to monitor her closely. 

Meadow and I still sit together daily. She wags her tail for me and lets me kiss her gently on the head. She sits and stares as me as if she’s taking in every word I say. I’m kind of in love with her.  




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