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Meet Nala…

I’ll be honest..I didn’t think Nala was going to make it. I held off posting her story and asking for donations for two days out of fear that she wouldn’t pull through. But Nala is a badass and she’s proving it daily. 

Nala was hit by a motorcycle. She sat there in pain for an entire day, until her hero, Diana, picked her up for me and took her the vet. Not only did Nala sit there injured for 6 plus hours, she sat there for 6 plus hours, with an exposed lung. People passed by her, and didn’t do a thing. 

Nala was taken straight to the vet where her diagnosis was obviously guarded. I expected a call in the middle of the night telling me that she had passed.  

Nala’s doctor performed surgery right away, and was able to place her lung back where it belonged. She had additional injuries in her stomach area, but those would need to be addressed later. 

The second surgery to repair the rest of her body went well, but she then ripped the stitches from her first procedure (to repair her lung) and had to go through emergency surgery to repair the damage.  The vet was concerned about placing her under anesthesia again, but that was her only hope at that point.  

Her body was tired and had been through so much.  The vet did not feel positive that she would make it.  While I would always do absolutely everything in my power to get her through this, I would never allow her to suffer.  She did not eat or drink for two days and I dreaded the thought that I might have to make a tough decision.

But Nala is a fighter!  She was able to be discharged from the hospital and my friend Diana is taking wonderful care of her!  She changes Nala’s bandages and gives her lots of love.  She still sees the doctor but will be able to travel once she is cleared from a cough that she developed.  I am told she has some separation anxiety and that hurts my heart, knowing she likely never had anyone love her and now that she does, she doesn’t want Diana to leave her side.  

No worries sweet girl!  You are safe and loved now!




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