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It never ends. Each day brings new heartache. 

“Pandora” was attacked by another dog, and was taken immediately to the vet hospital.  She was found to have bite wounds all over her and her jaw was broken.  They performed jaw surgery and she did just fine.  This baby was only 3 months old. 

But this little fighter had more battles to fight.  She tested positive for Parvo, Canine Corona Virus and Giardia and remained hospitalized in a fight for her life.  She was so tiny and skinny, I worried about her body pulling through.

Although down to skin and bones, she won those battles and was cleared to head to the Ranch!  

She is absolutely adorable and full of energy!  Her and Vixen became good friends while in isolation and remain so today!  We call her our little Hurricane!

Because of her broken jaw, she has a crooked smile and it is priceless!  She is able to eat just fine and plays non-stop.  She is a warrior!



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