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Meet Phineas
I have no idea what happened to Phineas or what his story is. What I know is that Phineas needed urgent help. Phineas endured an awful neck wound. This wound was not new, as it was infested with maggots. Phineas was taken to the vet and we agreed to be his rescue.

Phineas needed emergency surgery to clean out his wound(s) and repair them. He was hospitalized where he had his wounds cleaned daily. He also was diagnosed with a renal issue so he was put on medication and special food. He is an older boy and my heart breaks for the life he’s had to lead.

After more than a month of treatment, Phineus is doing so well that we believe he may be traveling to the Ranch tonight! He is doing amazing, his skin is healing nicely but is going to need skin grafts after he arrives. He is still having some liver issues, but we will deal with that as well. He received all of his shots and tolerated them just fine! Fingers crossed that Phineas will be making the journey!


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