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While at the vet to pay a bill, the doctor told me about an injured homeless dog that animal control had brought them. The dog had a mast cell tumor on its leg and it had burst. My reaction when hearing the words “mast cell tumor” was that this dog was going to have cancer and was going to further break my heart. The vet explained that without rescue, the pup would be euthanized. I reached deep, WAY deep, into my soul and prayed for the strength to take this guy in, even if his time with me was short. Due to the fact that Pogo was a stray, he was listed at the local animal shelter for the next 8 days. Had an owner shown up, by law I would have had to return Pogo to them.  That did not happen.

With that said, we welcomed “Pogo” to Huey’s Second Chance Ranch. We were originally told that Pogo’s mass was benign!! He did require amputation of the leg and managed the surgery like a champ and learned to be a try-pod in no time! 

Unfortunately we learned soon after that Pogo’s cancer had returned.  Pogo went on to bravely complete two different types of chemotherapy. When neither worked and the cancer continued to spread, his oncologist switched him to Palladia in hopes of seeing some kind of change in the rapid growth of the tumors.

Unfortunately, the Palladia didn’t help either and we knew the fight would soon be over. Pogo and Lola Bean were inseparable and after she passed it was very hard for him.  His cancers continued to grow and I knew my time with Pogo was coming to a rapid close.  He was in good spirits but became very tired.  

I only had Pogo for a few months, but he’s left me a lifetime of memories. Pogo was by my side while I was/am bedridden with neck issues. He stayed close to me, kept my lap warm, and most importantly, helped me finish all of my meals. When Princess Lola Bean passed away, we mourned her loss together. 

Pogo, though our time together was short, it was a blessing. I will miss you always, my friend. Give all my babies up there a kiss from momma. 



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