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Like many of our cases we are not exactly sure what caused Primrose’ injuries.  There was a several day delay in my being able to care for her due to the greed and selfishness by some who had her and were continuing to collect donations.  She was finally treated in Mexico to try to reattach her mouth and then she was transported to the US where another vet felt they could not help her due to the very poor treatment/surgery that she just had.  They asked me to pick her up and gave me a few referrals for a dental specialist.  Primrose did have a fracture in her jaw and raging infections and required tube feeding for days, until we found the perfect specialist.  But we moved mountains to care for her and get her to the perfect  specialist  Thankfully, she underwent surgery and the specialist worked miracles on this poor girl’s mouth!  Luckily she is young, which allowed her to heal that much faster.
Primrose adapted quickly to her tube feedings.  As soon as we walked in to her room she would go right up to my husband and lay in his lap. Throughout the 45 minute feeding process, she made herself more and more comfortable, many times falling asleep during her feedings.
Primrose could have no activity, which meant no toys or playing. For a 7 month old pup, keeping her calm was a challenge. I’m sure she got bored, but that is exactly what the surgeon wanted. If she bumped her mouth, all of the hard work could have be undone.
After a mere few weeks Primrose was introduced to the pack and she was SO excited!  The rest of the pack didn’t really know what to make of her.  She would run laps around the house, jump on the couches, walk across the tables and jump on the other dogs!
Primrose is currently hanging out at Vanderpump Dogs, in Los Angeles, CA. Vanderpump has an amazing facility as well as an amazing adoption record. Once I open our cases for adoption, if I can’t find a good match for the pup, Vanderpump Dogs becomes an excellent option. They have placed many SHF dogs for me, and trust me when I say, these pups are living the good life.


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