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Princess (Lucky)

Over the summer we welcomed this adorable bundle of fuzz. 

“Lucky/Nee-Nee” had a hard life. This poor senior was adopted out of a county shelter in Los Angeles, two years ago, only to be returned two days later. From there she was adopted by a woman struggling with addiction. The woman sought treatment, and the center allowed Lucky to stay at the center with her. 

To make a long story short, Lucky’s momma got the help she needed, but unfortunately relapsed, taking Lucky with her back into the treatment center. This time when the woman left the center, she abandoned Lucky at the facility. 

Lucky was quite an old gal. She was blind and deaf and had mobility issues, and her skin was in awful condition. In other words, Lucky wasn’t Lucky, but she was a Princess. 

“Princess” joined us at the Ranch.  She was timid, but soon warmed up. She had the good company of Lola Bean and Ben, who welcomed her here and shared their beds with her (she had her own, but who doesn’t love to cuddle). It was decided that Princess would receive a lifetime of love in the time that she shared with us.

It was too short, as always, and we lost Princess a few short months later when her body decided it was time.  Thank you for sharing your love, beauty and wisdom with us here at the Ranch Princess.  You’ll always be in our hearts.



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