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I want to introduce you to a very special little girl…her name is Prue. 

Prue was witnessed being raped by yet another sick person. This poor girl was just a puppy estimated to be between 3-4 months old at the time and has already suffered so much physical and  mental trauma. 

Prue was taken to our vet where it was confirmed that she had, in fact been violated. Prue survived her attack, however she sustained damage to her pelvis and had a difficult time defecating post attack. We made sure that Prue received all of the medical care she needed, and we will ensure no one ever hurts her again. 

Sweet little Prue made her way to Huey’s Second Chance Ranch!  She fit right in! This cutie is so sweet. She just loves attention. When we talk to her, she wags her little tail.  She has learned to trust and enjoy life, which  makes me as happy as can be.  She is great around other dogs, both big and small, as well as children.  

Prue, Vixen, Violet and so many others have experienced sexual abuse by human predators. While these three cases have experienced their trauma in Mexico, did you know that Hawaii, New Mexico, West Virginia and Wyoming, do not have laws that formally prohibit sexual abuse of animals? Most states have laws, but these disgusting acts still occur. 



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Huey's Story

Read Huey's story to learn about Huey and how he inspired us to start the Saving Huey Foundation.

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