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I was notified of a dog curled up in the fetal position on what looked to be a piece of cardboard in a filthy alley of sorts.  This poor soul had made his home there, no doubt surviving off trash and dirty water.

We quickly put together a rescue plan with rescuers, vet and transporters.  

Pugsley has a bad case of mange and both of his eyes are ulcerated. He tested negative for Distemper, which is a blessing and hitched a ride on Shadow’s transport and made his way to the Ranch!  What a day this boy had! 

Pugsley saw our vet and did very well in spite of pooping everywhere. He tested negative for parasites, which is always a good thing. The main concern is of course Pugsley’s eyes. Both eyes are ulcerated however his right eye is much worse than the left and there is a strong probability that he will lose that eye. For now he is on two different eye drops. 

Pugsley is getting medicated baths every three days to help with his mangy, yeasty skin, and I already see an improvement. He is a very good boy during his baths and loves when I rub in the shampoo. 

Pugsley is still in the isolation room, however his travel partner Shadow is there to keep him company.  It won’t be long before he will be ready to find his forever home!




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