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Trying to survive amidst the rising flood water, “Rain” hoped for a miracle. I was sent pictures of the flooding and dog carcasses were floating in the water. I reached out to everyone I knew, and of course my trusty friend Yuya (and Diana) came through. After hours of searching for the location pictured, Rain was caught safely and taken to the vet.

Rain was estimated to be about six months old and clearly had led a very sad life.  She had mange, Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis and Giardia and an awful eye infection. She tested negative for Distemper which was a blessing.  She was fostered in Mexico for a bit, but then made her way to Huey’s Second Chance Ranch. 

My beautiful Rain and Treasure are best friends, and we would really love to keep them together.  They are still waiting for their forever homes and are fully vetted and do well with other dogs.  These girls are both under a year old. Rain is timid of people at first, but quickly warms up. Treasure is an absolute character that is full of energy.  These two are absolutely amazing girls!




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