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Rand was left in basket, out in the blazing sun. When people went to check on him, they noticed that he had an awful injury to his leg. 

Rand was picked up by my friends Patricia and Bryan S. and taken directly to the vet. The injury to his leg was severe and although the vets tried to save it, there wasn’t much that could be done.  

As if the severe leg injury wasn’t enough, Rand tested positive for Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis, Giardia and Parvo. This little 6 month old pup has quite a fight ahead of him. Rand was covered in ticks and fleas but received treatment for that. We will keep Rand hospitalized until he tests negative for Parvo and Giardia. Once he tests negative, we will move him here to the Ranch.

Rand is doing very well post surgery and is up and moving around!  



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