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Rocket (and Groot)

“Rocket” came to us and was admitted to the hospital where he received some much needed fluids. His gums were absolutely white from dehydration and anemia, and we thought he may need a transfusion. He was given a muscle relaxer to give him some comfort while a blood panel was done, hoping to give us some insight as to what was causing the tremors. Rocket tested negative for Distemper at the vet in Mexico, however our vet here felt that he might have been fighting it.

He was given a bath with Dawn soap in an attempt to get off whatever smelly liquid he had on him. We suspected that his past owner may have poured something on him to rid him of fleas and ticks, and Rocket had a reaction to it.

After time, love and care, Rocket’s tremors seemed to be a thing of the past. He was full of energy and seemed to thoroughly enjoy his new life.
Rocket’s case taught us to remind everyone to be careful of what you put on your animals to kill fleas and/or ticks. There are a lot of good products out there, but there’s also a lot of dangerous ones. Home remedies should always be ran past a vet first.

Groot’s story is kind of funny. I thought I was picking up a special needs dog, and somewhere along the way the wires got crossed. I picked Groot up and weeks later found out he wasn’t the dog we had agreed to rescue. He had no special needs, but we loved him tons! He and Rocket became inseparable. And not much more time went by when Rocket AND Groot found their forever home…together!


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