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If ever there was a survivor…it is Rocky!

Rocky was found on the streets of Tijuana, transported to us and taken to the ER vet here.  See the list below of Rocky’s trials and triumphs!

• Streets of Tijuana – survived
• Ehrlichia canis – survived
• Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – survived
• Scabies – survived
• Starvation – survived
• Anemia – survived
• Dehydration – survived
• Low platelets – survived (blood transfusion)
• Bones in stomach with blockage – survived
• Fear of humans – yes, but the nickname Grumpy Pants still fits him
• Bone Cancer – devastating news but corrected with leg amputation

But poor Rocky still couldn’t get a break.  As I took him on a short walk to get the mail, he was suddenly and unexpectedly attacked by a coyote who scaled a fence and grabbed Rocky, leash and all.  Luckily I was able to step on the end of the leash and my oldest son ran out after hearing me yell and was able to pull the coyote’s back legs until he dropped Rocky and ran off.  

After sutures and drains, Rocky made a physical recovery but his emotional recovery took much longer.  

Although we had found a home for Rocky, after all this, we just knew that he was already home…with us!


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