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Rose’s rescue was difficult because her owner didn’t want to surrender her. She had obviously been horrifically abused and then attacked by other dogs. We had her sent to a vet in Tijuana where it was determined that she could not walk.  She had x-rays and was treated, including many stitches to many areas of her legs.  After several days of pleading and networking, we finally were able to bring Rose to the Ranch.  

A couple of weeks after making her way to us, Rose was diagnosed with Meningitis, a life threatening condition. We believe that Rose contracted Meningitis through one of the deep cuts that were on her legs when she came to us. Never did I see that coming, but even had I known, I still would have done what I did to save her. Her condition was monitored closely, complete with visits to her neurologist, and a plethora of medication.  There were many ups and downs in her recovery, including a time when everyone feared the swelling on her brain was causing so much pressure and that the pain was getting to be too much.

But Rose fought the good fight, and she is winning!  Her meds were slowly tapered off and her appetite returned!  We are cautiously optimistic as we have been told Meningitis has its ups and downs.  

I love this girl more than words can say. I am her biggest cheerleader! 



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