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Please meet “Sage”. 

Sage was abandoned inside a box (the white box in the photo), in a busy parking lot. A kind attendant saw this happen and protected Sage from oncoming cars. He quickly realized that both of Sage’s front legs appeared to be broken. I was notified and immediately sent our wonderful rescue friends to pick her up.

Sage was taken to the vet where she was diagnosed with at least one broken leg, Canine coronavirus disease, as well as Ehrlichia. Sage was hospitalized for about two weeks while she fought off the virus. She was on antibiotics, anti inflammatories and pain medication for her tick disease and broken legs. She was not a candidate for surgery repair on her legs as she was too sick to be placed under anesthesia. 

Once Sage tested negative for Canine Coronavirus Disease, she was able to travel to the Ranch, along with Giles.  We were able to get her to our vet to have her legs looked at to see if she would need surgery.  

There’s nothing like mangy kisses…

Our little princess Sage was seen at the vet and received great news…no broken bones! Little puppies are healing machines and more than likely her tiny little body has healed itself. Sage has beaten Canine Corona Virus and now only has a minor case of mange. She is the sweetest and shyest little girl. She will sit on your lap or in your arms for hours if you let her.

As soon as we get Sage’s mange cleared up, she will be spayed, vaccinated and microchipped and when then be ready for her forever family. Stay tuned!


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