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Meet Salem.
Salem was found eating trash, not exactly a rarity. However, a Good Samaritan noticed Salem’s injury and sought help. Salem went to a vet before becoming a SHF dog, which means our normal vet was not involved, and that leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Namely…What happened to Salem?
Here’s what I knew at the time…Salem was found to have a very severe injury to her skull. Whatever impact she endured, it was so severe that it caused damage to her upper mouth and teeth. She also has inflammation to her liver as well as kidneys. The vet suggested she be put down. It was at this point that I was asked to help.

I have dealt with skull injuries numerous times in the past and felt I could help or at least get a second opinion. Then we got word that the injury had split in two right where the suspected fracture is. She needed help right away so our amazing friends in Mexico were able to get transport set up and we met her at the border and took her directly to our emergency vet.

Salem was found to have many broken teeth and an old break to her jaw and nose. The wound on her head was not fresh so they thought the injuries probably all happened at the same time likely from a severe blow to the head, so hard that it misaligned her jaw and broke some of her teeth. She was running a fever and there was definitely something going on with her liver and kidneys. She was dewormed and had an ultrasound and then prepped for surgery where she had a skin graft taken from her shoulder to cover the hole/wound.

Our sweet Salem had her bandages changed yesterday and everything is looking good. There is a small part of the graft that looks as if it won’t hold, and another small part that is becoming discolored. We knew we had a 50/50 chance of success with this surgery, but poor Salem needed and deserved to have her skull covered. We continue to go in for bandage changes and check ups and are hoping for the best at this time.

Salem remains such a good little girl. She is so unbelievable sweet with us as well as the pack. I think she’s truly enjoying her time here at the Ranch. I am so in love with her. She is such an amazing girl. She loves to give kisses and follows us everywhere. She is very submissive with the other dogs and they seem to have accepted her.


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