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9 month old Scoot Scoot was stuck in the shelter for 2 months…then  “Scooter” made  his way to the Saving Huey Foundation!

Scooter saw our vet to find out what was causing his paralysis.  He weighed in at just 8 pounds and definitely needed to put on some weight. His X-rays showed no chance of repair to his spine  It was thought that Scooter was likely injured as a pup.  His T12 is “smashed” beyond repair and a potential surgery could cause additional damage.

The good news is that Scoot has adapted to his situation and doesn’t allow his handicap to slow him down one bit. He loves his wheels and speeds through the house or goes offroading when he is outside, but I feel like he’s happier just “scooting” through life. He keeps up with the other dogs just fine, and gets along with everyone.

Scooter now accompanies me to school presentations.  We talk about the power we each possess to change the world and discuss the importance of getting a good education (of course I tie in Huey’s Heroes Reading Program). We also discuss being different and not judging each other based on our personal appearance.   Scoot and I really want to drive home the point that having a special ability isn’t a negative thing, but can actually make you a rock star!

Scooter has found his forever home…with us at Saving Huey Foundation!



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