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Meet Shadow….

I was notified about poor Shadow after a Good Samaritan saw him pulling himself through the street. Given the condition of Shadow’s legs and belly, he’d been pulling himself through the streets for sometime. 

We had Shadow picked up and taken to our vet.  Obviously he had been struggling with infection, but we got it under control. Shadow tested negative for Distemper, Canine transmissible venereal tumors, and he headed to us at the Ranch.  

Shadow had a bath and a trim and what a handsome guy he is! He was very skinny and had raw spots, but we are working to fix those issues!  He and Pugsley had a couple of weeks in isolation but at least they were together and got along great.  

He saw the vet here for an overall evaluation and we already knew there is nothing that can be done for his paralysis.  We also knew his injuries from dragging himself would heal, but there is an issue that needs medical intervention.  His penis will not retract and even if he is diapered, it rubs him raw.  

He saw a specialist and unfortunately, he will need a penile amputation.  His procedure is scheduled for July 15.  The surgeon will create an opening for shadow to urinate through.  This procedure is not nearly as rare as it was just a couple of years ago, and has a good success rate.  

Shadow is bursting with love. He is incredibly sweet and gentle. His goal in life seems to be letting us know how much he appreciates his second chance.  I feared that the Diaper Gang would be jerks to him but they acted like they’ve known him forever!  He is officially a member of the Diaper Gang!   

Shadow doesn’t let his disability stop him for even a minute. He was not a fan of diapers at first, but after sitting and watching his fellow gang members get their diapers changed, he now allows us to diaper him without a problem. 

Once Shadow is through with the surgery and fully healed, we will measure him for his wheelchair. 



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