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Sky made her way to Huey’s Second Chance Ranch after what must have seemed like a very long day to her. She was seen at the vet and tested positive for Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis, parasites and sarcoptic mange. She was all of two pounds (to say that I was shocked by her size is an understatement, as she looked much bigger in her pictures), which made medication a bit tricky.

The vet believed that this little sweetheart was about a year and a half old. She had pressure sores from being so malnourished that she had no energy to walk or move. She was treated with Bravecto for the mange, Pancur for the parasites, Doxycycline for the tick diseases and Clavamox for possible infection. She received medicated baths and was kept on a warming pad to help regulate her heat. She was started on a high protein diet and received at least four small meals per day.

It didn’t take long and Sky was putting on tiny bits of weight at a time, which I was thrilled over. Given her tiny frame, it was clear she wasn’t going to be a big girl. Her little tail wagged all of the time and she insisted on being in the middle of the chaos caused by the bigger pups.

Not too much time went by and Sky found an adopter!  But it just wasn’t meant to be…

From the day that Sky left I was getting messages from Sky’s adopter about Sky being sick. Sky was taken to the vet repeatedly, each time bearing no results of illness.
To make a long story short, Sky was returned to us around the time that Covid was just starting and people believed it could be transferred by a dog to a human.

Sky came back to us without a hitch. The first time I saw her back, I called her name and she came running up to me. From that point on, Sky has been my shadow and I have vowed to her that she will never leave the Ranch again. Ironically, Sky was immediately checked out by my vet (something that I always do prior to adoptions) and was cleared as a very healthy little girl.

Life is better with Sky in it.


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