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Spades had a rough life. A few years ago he was found in a parking lot, his mouth had been cut “joker” style, and his eyelids had been sliced off (that is what gives him the cross-eyed look). He was rescued and eventually adopted by a couple who thought it would be a good idea to declaw him. Of course once they tired of him and “had to move”, they dumped him in the shelter.  Spades had to spend a night at the emergency vet, as he came out of the shelter with a nasty URI (upper respiratory infection). Once he made it to the Ranch he had to stay in our ISO unit until we got his contagious condition under control. In spite of it all, Spades seemed to be a super cool guy, who just needed a break in life.  Months later we had to rush him to the emergency vet as both eyes ruptured and he required double enucleation, likely a result of the trauma caused by his eyelids being sliced off.

Spades has experienced the very worst that mankind has to offer. He had his eye lids cut off, resulting in him losing both eyes, and had his mouth slit from corner to corner, resulting in him not being able to properly close his mouth, but that doesn’t stop him from finding me every night and claiming his spot beside me.
I love this boy with my entire heart and find a sense of courage when I’m near him. These lives change mine just as much as I change theirs.


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