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Meet Sparrow!  I received numerous messages regarding this poor boy and he instantly reminded me of Phoenix.  I hesitated, for just a second as we have been averaging at least one new case per day.  But we quickly put a plan of action together. My amazing friend Griss picked up Sparrow and took him to the vet.   

Sparrow had an open wound above his eye that had become seriously infected. While I waited for a complete diagnosis, I’ve seen this before and had no doubt that Sparrow’s head would need to be drained at least once or twice. 

Sparrow tested negative for Parvo, Distemper, Ehrlichia and everything else that he was tested for. Sparrow was put on a dewormer and the vet thought that might explain the bloody event he experienced while passing stool.  X-rays were taken and there was concern that a bone in Sparrow’s nasal cavity might be cancerous. 

The antibiotics seemed to be working as the swelling in his face went down some and the bloody stools seemed to stop.  He had another issue when he passed a large amount of blood rather than stool.  The attention was shifted from his head to what was going on internally.

And then his head began to swell again, and this time pus poured out.  The doctors immediately put a drain in.  His blood count numbers dropped horribly fast and he needed a blood transfusion.  Unfortunately, the original drain that was put into the side of Sparrow’s head proved insufficient.  The pus began to build and it completely opened up his injury site.  Sparrow had to have emergency surgery.  The injury was once again cleaned up and sutured with a bigger drain.  His antibiotics were changed and he rested comfortably on pain meds.

Sparrow is doing great! His injury is healing up nicely and the swelling is staying down. I think he’s looking amazing. My dear friend Griss, who is fostering Sparrow, says he’s such a sweet boy. Sparrow is full of love and was very grateful for his second chance!

Sparrow is all healed up and ready for his big trip to the States. We are excited to get this lug into either the Ranch or his forever home. 




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