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I was notified about Spring.  She was found in Rosarito by a young boy, who cared enough to tell his parents about her. They offered Spring a blanket, but could not bring her into their home. Upon looking at Spring’s pictures, it was obvious that this little girl has seen the worst of life. She has horrific mange, her belly in distended for unknown reasons, and if you look close enough you will notice that Spring does not have any back legs. Imagine yourself living on the street, having to fight for food as well as your right to live, while doing so without any back legs.  The amazing Diana and Yuya teamed up to get Spring off of the street and into the hospital. The doctor couldn’t tell us why Spring’s stomach was so distended, but I authorized any and all tests to be ran. The doctor believed that Spring was around 6 years old. He, nor we have any idea what might have happened to her legs.  The doctor says that whatever happened, happened awhile ago as her stubs are somewhat healed over.  she had to stay at the hospital for some time and they believed her bloating might be related to her thyroid.  He, nor we, have any idea what might have happened to her legs.  

Eventually she made her way to the Ranch and began to heal.  She is just an absolute joy!  She just craves attention and love. She healed quickly, both physically and mentally. She is still best buds with Violet, but has a hard time keeping up with her, given that she doesn’t have any back legs.

Spring wears a drag bag during the day to keep her leg stubs from getting raw. During the evening and throughout the night, we remove her drag bag and let her scoot in her diaper and panties.
Not only is this little treasure a jewel to have around, she’s also quite photogenic, and boy does she know it!


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