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Once again, I am in absolute dismay of what the human race is capable of. This poor dog was hit over the head repeatedly with a chunk of concrete. The result is horrifying, with one of his eyes completely out of the socket. This precious soul will undoubtedly lose both of his eyes as a result of this heinous act. Not only did someone commit this act, someone watched and didn’t stop the maniac. 

“Stevie” was  taken off the street and taken to our vet in Tijuana. He could not travel to our hospital in the U.S. until he was in stable condition. Stevie received the best care possible, and we spared no expense in giving him the fighting chance he so dearly deserves. 

Stevie was hospitalized and healed from his double enucleation and then made his way to the Ranch. Unfortunately, Stevie was very scared. No doubt the sudden blindness was alarming enough, but after what he’d been through, I’m sure he associated touch with pain. 

Stevie is an older boy, and I’m guessing has spent the majority of his life on the streets. This little guy did not ask to be born into a world filled with such monsters. I only hope that he accepts my offer of space, patience, and love that’s he never had.

It didn’t take long and….Stevie came out of his shell! 

Stevie is doing wonderful. Once he started eating he hasn’t stopped! He’s getting the lay out of his room down and rarely bumps into anything. Stevie has quite a fun personality which is such a joy to see. His favorite spot to be is in my lap.

 As most of our followers know, SHF specializes in the rescue and rehabilitation of severely abused and neglected animals. Unfortunately we see some of our worst cases come from out of the country. Many of these countries do not have laws that protect animals, and if they do, the laws are rarely enforced. 

I am quite often asked, “What happened to the abuser?” More times than not, we have no idea who the abuser is, and as a result, I can only rely on my imagination to exact revenge. Sometimes however, we catch a break and karma comes calling. After years of dealing with these heinous acts one gets tired of feeling like a bandaid. Eventually you run out of cheeks to turn. 



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