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Thor – Reported with a possible broken leg, broken jaw and missing part of his tongue.  

I couldn’t stand to see this poor soul suffer any longer. We offered rescue for “Thor” and he was sent to our vet in Mexico.

The vet told me there was no break in Thor’s leg. Thor is 9, so perhaps he has severe arthritis from an old break, or maybe he’s had a past shoulder injury. 

All of Thor’s blood test results came back and the news wasn’t as bad as I expected. The main concern was that he was extremely anemic. He was started on medications, which he took well. I was told that Thor was a good eater and surprisingly enough, quite friendly.

Thor remained in the hospital for a couple of days as his body fought the infection in his leg. His right foot had a hole in the bottom and the vet felt this was where the infection began and traveled up to his leg.

Thor got stronger and with his meds you could see him coming to life. He arrived at the Ranch and is doing quite well!  Thor is quite spry for an older boy. He loves kisses and running around like a wild guy. He also follows my husband around outside, helping him feed the pigs and goats.

I don’t think Thor had ever been inside of a house, prior to coming to us. He insisted on being carried into the house and although he seems to be more comfortable outside, he is learning to live as an indoor/outdoor prince. 

Thor’s mouth and the fact that he’s missing part of it as well as his tongue, does not keep him from eating, especially treats!  Nor does it stop him from delivering kisses!






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