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I picked up Timothy and he seemed to be a sweet boy, only about 18 months old. He stuck close to me but seems to be unbothered by the rest of the pack. He was very dirty and stinky, but I got him cleaned up.  Most of his wounds were scabbed over, but a few were still raw. It appears as if whoever shot him, nearly got his eye.  Once at the vet I was really hoping for a good report.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the good news that I wanted. Timothy had 6 additional pellets in him, bringing the total to 18. 18 times some piece of crap shot this poor dog. One pellet nearly took out his eye, one lied in his stomach and one was in his chest, dangerously close to his heart. The remaining pellets were strewn throughout his body.
Like so many before him, his deep, dark, hallow eyes tell me a very sad story. To have an animal not want to look me in the eyes absolutely breaks my heart into a thousand pieces. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the way it makes me feel to see an animal so defeated and broken down. 
Timothy had two opinions on what action should be taken on his remaining BB’s. It appeared as if for now, the BB’s will remain where they are. I have to say, I was not 100% comfortable with this decision, but I trusted both vets and did as they advised. They both assured me that this was the best and safest route for Timothy. They told me that Timothy should live out a long, full life.
It didn’t take to much time and he did it!!! Timmy found himself a wonderful family to call his own! It was such an honor to be his temporary healing home.


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