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Titan lived his life tied to the undercarriage of a car. Lying on the burning asphalt day after day without access to food or water, no human interaction, and worst of all, no medical attention for a massive tumor on his face.

Titan’s owner saw nothing wrong with the way he was keeping him. He refused the help of those offering, even denying rescue intervention. But I did not give up and Titan made his way to the Ranch. He saw multiple vets and an Oncologist. I did everything in my power to ensure that Titan received all treatments necessary and lived the life of a loved dog and a beloved family member. But it was only just over two weeks…

“Real loss only occurs when you lose something that you love more than yourself.” – Author Unknown.

Titan is now in a better place. It is my sincere hope that he is running with Huey, and all of the lives that we have lost along this crazy journey.

In just over two weeks ago, Titan went from being chained to the undercarriage of a car, where had no love, and limited access to food and water to having his story shared an astonishing 1200 times on Facebook alone, and reaching an amazing 61,500 people. Titan’s life mattered and the world knows it.

Titan had an incurable cancer, (chondrosarcoma) and was given days to live. I knew this all along, and I knew he would take a part of me when he left, but it didn’t matter. I wanted to show that sweet hairy boy a whole different world, a world full of love and affection.

Titan feasted on an array of meats and shared just about anything that we ate, my vegan food included. When he decided that he wanted some kibble, we gave it to him, and man did that piss some people off (I didn’t care if kibble was all carbs or bad for him, Titan got what Titan wanted). I bought Titan the biggest dog bed that I have ever seen (It was so big in fact that Titan and I took a nap on it together). The bed had an orthopedic memory foam mattress and Titan loved it.

Through all of the emotions and heartbreak, I remind myself that in the end, Titan was happy. He smiled constantly and loved affection. He was part of the pack, and most importantly, he was part of the family. Titan will always own a piece of my heart.

Titan was your dog as much as he was my dog. We all mourn at his passing, but I believe Titan would rather us smile and live our lives.


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