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I’d lost all faith.
What happened to us? When did this type of suffering become the norm? How does one sleep at night after having seen these innocent souls slowly starving to death and living in absolute pain on the filthy streets?  This should never happen. There is no excuse for this neglect and cruelty.  But this was Tony.
He was taken to the emergency hospital in Tijuana. I couldn’t move him at the time as it could have killed him.
Once he was strong enough he was taken to our emergency vet on his way to the Ranch.  There his blood work was done, testing for tick and infectious disease was done and he was diagnosed with sarcoptic mange. Tony’s teeth were in bad shape. His molars were fractured on both sides and his incisors were worn down, more than likely the result of eating rocks and/or bones, in an effort to survive.  The doctor said that he will need extensive dental work once he pulls through his current condition. Tony’s neck was filled with fluid.  It was drained and he was monitored closely. He was a mere 34 pounds and looked like skin and bones. From the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail, Tony’s body was riddled with signs of the life he’d led. Making Tony’s situation that much sadder, the vet believes Tony is only a year old.
He was kept at the hospital for a few days and then made his way to the Ranch, where he has blossomed!  Look at the handsome boy that I’ve uncovered in just 6 weeks!  I’m sure Tony will move on to his forever family, leaving me in tears, but allowing space for another life to be saved.
Update!  Tony is on his way to securing his forever home!


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