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Tramp (Saint)

I was sent pictures of “Saint” a couple of months ago. As you can see from the picture on the left, he was in horrific condition. He was a Tijuana street dog, relying on the rare kindness of passerby’s that would take pity on him by offering him a scrap of food. 

I offered to make Saint a SHF dog and a rescue plan was put in place. Apparently Saint hadn’t gotten word about the new life that awaited him at Huey’s Second Chance Ranch, as he evaded rescue for weeks. A very kind hearted saint by the name of “Mike”, who regularly feeds the homeless animals in Tijuana, worked for weeks to gain Saint’s trust. Eventually, Mike succeeded and Saint was taken to our trusted vet in Tijuana. 

Saint stayed in the hospital for a few weeks, while I worked to make room for him. During his hospital stay, it was discovered that he had an injury to his back. X-rays showed a dislocated hip. Saint’s main issues other than the damaged hip, were the horrible Sarcoptic and Demodex mange that covered his body, as well as Ehrlichia, a tick borne illness that poisons the blood. Saint was started on antibiotics, pain medication and received medicated baths every other day. 

Fast forward a few weeks and Saint made his way to the Ranch, where his healing will continue. As we began to see the handsome guy emerge from all of that crusty mange, we found the beautiful boy on the right. My husband and friends at the vet said that Saint looked more like “Tramp”, from Lady and the Tramp, so his name was changed. 

Tramp visited our vet this past week, where additional X-rays were taken on his hip. Unfortunately the break is quite old and his only hope of getting full mobility back is by undergoing an FHO (femoral head ostectomy). During this surgery the femoral bone will be shaved down to fit back into the hip socket. While this procedure is costly, I know that it will greatly improve Tramp’s life.  And so it will be done.  



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