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Tulip and Huck

The sadness never ends.  Can you even believe the state that this poor little pup was in? Sarcoptic mange (the contagious kind of mange) had claimed the majority of her hair, her eyes were goopy and just look at those claws! I wasn’t sure if she had a mouth injury or if the picture just made it look that way.  Who in the world could walk by this pitiful little girl and just go on with their day? Not me.

We had “Tulip” transferred across the border, picked her up and took her to our vet to get her whatever care was needed.

Fast forward two weeks with Tulip at the Ranch, and her new fuzzies were already growing in. She finished her mange treatments as well as her quarantine time.  She opened up and constantly wanted to be on my lap or shoulder.  She is truly thankful for her second chance at life.

And she was hiding a special surprise!  Although she was scheduled to be spayed, we found Tulip in labor and gave birth to a huge pup – Mighty Huckleberry!  Tulip required a C-section and Huck did have a life threatening first few days, requiring oxygen, his lungs were full of fluid and he required a feeding tube and catheter.  But he was a fighter and he made his way home to the Ranch and to his Momma Tulip!  (see the last photo)

Tulip is being an amazing mom and seems quite proud of “Mighty Huck”.

It is with great sadness that I must update that Mighty Huckleberry did not survive his fight with Distemper.  The monster disease was brought to the Ranch with another case recently, transported with obvious symptoms by another Foundation.  

We love you Huckleberry and will hold you in our hearts forever.  Run free sweet boy.  



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