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Welcome to Huey’s Second Chance Ranch, Turbo!  

Turbo was found when he scooted into an elderly woman’s home. The woman did her best to care for Turbo, while seeking rescue. 

As you all know, I have a huge soft spot for special needs babies. When I first saw Turbo and his story, I just couldn’t resist offering him rescue. 

Turbo is a tiny Pomeranian, with a huge personality. He’s quite sure he’s a tough guy, but the rest of the diaper gang are assuring him otherwise. 

Turbo will get a wheelchair just like the rest of the gang.

Turbo is a huge love bug and his personality is larger than life! He would be happiest if we could carry him around all day, praising him for his adorableness. Like most small dogs, Turbo thinks he’s much bigger than he actually is, and his temper is comical when someone gets too close to him. 

Turbo is absolutely smitten with Violet and has been since the day he arrived. 

It didn’t take long for this 4 pound, paralyzed street dog to become king of the castle!



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