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Valentino (Tino) was located in the Moreno Valley, CA, shelter. He was listed as a 1 year old male, with a severe case of Demodex mange. I saw his picture  and just knew that I had to help him. With help from Teresa A., Deb O., Nikki K., and Vista Rescue, Tino made his way to Huey’s Second Chance Ranch. Once here, he received a medicated bath, a dose of Revolution and was on Doxycycline treatment.

Tino shows all of the signs of being a puppy in need of a second chance. He has lots of energy and loves toys. He didn’t want to sit still for me during an intake evaluation, which is always a good sign. Since Tino came from a shelter, he spent the first couple of weeks in isolation while we monitored him for kennel cough, or any other type of infectious disease.

We did not ask for donations for Tino when he arrived, as we had most supplies on hand. He is on the road to full health but he will need to be neutered and vaccinated, and that’s when we will ask for help, as well as finding him his happy, forever home!


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