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TRIGGER WARNING—story contains references to sexual violence.

When we found Violet she was a four month old puppy who was repeatedly raped by an individual in another country. Her spine was broken as a result, and she also had parvo. She was transported to us and placed in an isolation unit at our specialty emergency vet hospital. There is nothing we can do to pursue justice, as this occurred in a country where this is tolerated. We also cannot release any information about this person, as we need to protect the brave people who intervened. Believe me, we wish we could.

Violet was in critical condition and the vet warned us to be careful with our feelings as things could change in an instant.  We were told that the Vet said the whole crew there loved her and were cheering her on!

Slowly but surely, Violet fought and beat Parvo and finally made her way to the Ranch.  

Incredible, but her battle is nowhere close to over. She survived the parvo, but we will still be dealing with her terrible injuries. Please know that as always, Tracy would never needlessly prolong any animal’s suffering. She is constantly aware of that. We will, however, give Violet every chance at a happy life. Every chance. She deserves that.

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