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Willow was a “behind the scenes” case that we worked on.

This adorable pup had a bad case of Giardia. She was so ill when we stepped in, that we weren’t sure she would make it. Giardia, untreated can be deadly, especially in a puppy. 

We arranged for Willow to be taken to the vet and receiived all of the care she needed to get better. 

After several weeks of treatment, we have welcomed Willow to Huey’s Second Chance Ranch!

Willow made her way to us from Mexico and she is adjusting to her new life. What an incredibly happy little girl she is. She is only 5 months old and she is a healthy 30 pounds. 

Willow is believed to be a chocolate Lab/ Pit mix. She will be fully vetted soon and will then be looking for her forever home! 



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