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It was hard to tell what exactly happened to this pup; maybe he was burned or had an extreme case of sarcoptic mange and had scratched himself raw.  This poor little one was scared to death. He escaped his initial transporter and was gone the majority of the day. Luckily the transporters persistence paid off, and the pup was found later that night.  But this pup was not only scared, he had completely given up. As is the case with many of our rescues, I suspected that his emotional injuries would take much longer to heal than his physical ones.

We made it to the emergency vet with “Woody” although he spent the two hour drive up here hiding under the seat in the back of my truck.  Most of his fur was gone and he had bloody spots all over his body. His skin smelled horribly of infection as well as mange. He was covered in fleas and ticks and undoubtedly carried at least one tick borne illness.

We authorized fluids, a pain injection, antibiotics, and blood work as well as a tick panel.  He was diagnosed with scabies, which are highly contagious to other animals as well as humans, as well as Demodex mange. It was determined that Woody should be hospitalized as his platelet count was dangerously low.
But Woody pulled through and made his way to the Ranch.  He spent the next month in our isolation room and received numerous medicated baths each week.  He got stronger and stronger and loved to play with his toys, his special blanket and loved to be chased!

In the beginning he would curl up in the tightest little ball and look at me with such confusion as I would medicate his wounds. It didn’t take Woody long to open up and embrace the second chance he had been given.

I took Woody in to be neutered once he was fully healed and the vet tech who had worked with him told me she wanted to adopt him. Woody now lives with her and her family in Temecula!


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