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Xena was videotaped being abused. Her abuser repeatedly slammed her head into the concrete and then “thinking she was dead”, attempted to set her on fire.  This man is a known drug addict and abuser.  

Locals of the area were able to stop the monster and protect Xena until my amazing friend and Dog Warrior, Griss arrived to help. 

Of course we offered rescue for this sweet baby and Griss immediately took her to the vet. Xena appeared to be brain dead as she was not blinking, was non reactive to sound and was having difficulty breathing. The doctor was able to conclude that Xena’s skull was fractured and she had severe swelling on the brain. 

Xena needed a specialist immediately so we drove to pick her up and took her straight to the ER vet.  

Xena was placed in the oxygen chamber to alleviate some of the swelling on her brain.  The doctor believed she may have suffered nerve damage to her entire left side but time will tell.  She had X-rays and a CT scan but remarkably, she was able to come home where we could observe her and of course, love her.

Xena is a fighter.  Initially she could not even walk due to her head tilt as a result of the trauma to her brain.  Eating and drinking were difficult as well as food and drink would spill out of her left side of her mouth.  But as the swelling decreases, her abilities increase!

“The soul that moves mountains, begins by carrying away small stones.”

And then we received the unthinkable news that Xena tested positive for distemper.  She had been tested with a snap test twice before leaving Mexico and once again after and those were all negative.  The accuracy rates are 99% but still our Princess Xena has now tested positive.  She is on a probiotic, prescription food, and her antibiotics, as well as having received her 1st vaccine.  She is also asymptomatic at this time so we are hoping for the best.  She has lived through unspeakable horrors in her young life, and we just believe that she is unstoppable!



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