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Zoey was dumped in the shelter and had gone without medication for quite awhile. Apparently her owner was in the hospital and the family could not afford Zoey’s medication.
Not only was GiGi, (now known as “Zoey”) dumped in the shelter, her best friend was dumped as well. The best friend had no special needs and was adopted, leaving Zoey blind, scared and all alone.  She has sat in pain for two weeks, just waiting for a miracle.
Zoey is a 6 year old Akita, who suffers from Uveodermatologic Syndrome, as well as a skin disease called Sebaceous Adenitis. The Uveodermatologic Syndrome is an immune-mediated disease where the body attacks the Melanin in the skin and eyes and can cause loss of pigmentation around the nose and eyes. This condition is also commonly referred to as VKH (Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada) disease.
Zoey’s condition causes blindness as well as a sensitivity to sunlight.
Due to Zoey’s condition(s), she can only be outside during the early morning hours, or once the sun begins to set. She wears Doggles to help protect the pigment around her eyes. Zoey also requires nose balm and sunscreen while she is outside.
Zoey has not let her conditions stop her. She loves evening walks and does well on a leash. She spends her days playing with her furry  siblings  (both small and large) and truly loves everyone.
Zoey has travelled between several homes, in search of her forever home. Through no fault of her own, Zoey’s “forever foster” moved across country, leaving Zoey in boarding.  Eventually, Zoey worked her way back to us and here she will live out her life.


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