The Saving Huey Foundation is a small 501c3, non-profit organization located in Southern California. The organization was founded by Tracy Lystra and her family after a good samaritan discovered Huey wandering the foothills of Moreno Valley on a cold, rainy night in 2014. This battered and bruised pup was believed to have been used as a bait dog. Much to everyone's surprise, including the vet, Huey defied the odds and survived his injuries. Huey lived happily with the Lystra's until his passing on May 31, 2017.
You can read more about Huey on the page "Huey's Story" above. 

Our Beliefs

We are committed to:

• Increasing public awareness of animal abuse.

• Teaching children respect and compassion for animals.

• Developing awareness of the potential of all animals, despite any type of disability or medical condition.

Our Actions

We will:

Provide medical care and rehabilitation for animals who are victims of severe abuse and/or neglect, or who have

a disability.

• Find homes for animals who have been severely abused and/or neglected, as well as those with disabilities.

• Develop educational programs, including shelter reading programs, school outreach and community events.